The Expertise and Resources we bring

EXPERIENCED. We are all experienced professionals, with prior operational assignments at senior management levels in leading-edge organisations. To speak the same language as and bring real added value to our clients.

INCLUSIVE. We strongly involve all stakeholders, identify changes from their perspective and embed change management already in the initial diagnostic phase and along the entire transformation process. To better learn, integrate and bring a real and sustainable organisation transformation in return.

SENSITIVE. We act with the greatest respect for their institution, its constituencies and the people who are impacted, in a way or another, by our intervention. To make its biotope positively evolve

CO-ACCOUNTABLE. We interact closely with our client throughout the mandate, we are as much accountable for the achievements as our client and we will to be measured against results. To measurably impact the key performance indicators of its organisation.

Our team
Our core team comprises Francois Aye and Vito Toni. With either an economical or an engineering background, and some grey hair later, we interact at highest level with leadership teams and decision makers in corporations, governments and not-profit institutions from all business sectors to bring them a listen and a response to their need to transform their organisations.

Our Strategic Partner

We have cealed a strategic partnership with WillBe Group, European consultancy group with offices in Paris, Brussels and Geneva. Competent in most business sectors and functions with its 50 seasoned consultants and 300 associate consultants, WillBe Group helps businesses and other organisations to elaborate and deploy their strategy, business development and complex transformations. We bring our expertise in organisation transformation and in advanced HR issues to WillBe Group, as well as our large experience with governmental and intergovernmental organisations.

We have further linked up with few other high-quality consulting firms and highly experienced consultants with which we share the same above values and a guaranteed seamless cooperation with Aye & Partners Consulting. Our strategic partners, experts in complementary fields, closely work with us and provide their specific expertise for the full success of the mandate.

This multi-disciplinary approach allows building a high-quality team which fits the specific requirements of the mandate, and which directly and effectively interacts with our client’s Leadership.

Xtenso : the operational excellence
  • Introduction of Lean management in industrial and administrative environments
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • ERP selection / introduction
  • Elaboration and introduction of  dashboards to monitor the operational effectiveness.

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Renate Willi: organisation and management development
Organisation and management development consultancy operating throughout Europe and Eastern Europe:
  • Organisation development
  • Change management
  • Competency assessment
  • Management development.


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Imadeo: marketing strategy
  • Market, products, image and customer studies
  • Trade Marketing
  • Digital marketing

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Paul Hiltermann Consultancy: leadership performance
A niche, top-end consulting company based in Switzerland and operating worldwide, targetting business performance improvement through:
  • Visionary and transformational leadership coaching
  • Critical projects coaching: deep change, restructuring, integration

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Francoise Pasche Consultancy: developing with purpose
Develops organisations, teams and individual toward purposeful lives:

  • Management of projects with high human impact
  • Teambuilding
  • Management and individual coaching.

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Morris Associates: change and management development
Based in Washington, works with international organisations and corporations and with governmental agencies on:
  • Change strategic monitoring
  • Top management and Board members counselling as to strategic organisation management
  • Coaching and outplacement.

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Our Network of Associate Consultants

We have also developed a network of high caliber Associate Consultants whom we work with on a project basis. They complement the main project team with their deep expertise in:

  • An industry sector: tourism, mechanics, culture, automotive, real estate
  • A business area: risk management, public policy development, statistics, venture financing, finance, legal
  • A geographical area: Africa, Middle East, North America, Latin America, Asia, Oceania.

They have been retained for their business – and life! – experience. They have also been retained for their ability to operate in multi-stakeholders projects and in multicultural and sensitive contexts, in high synergy with the team of consultants and in sound partnership with our client.